A brief check on reality

What is reality


Chris Cohen

 I would like to start this with what we really believe reality to be? Reality is the state of things and how they actually exist (past, present and future) and in the big ol manifestation of everything (the universe) reality has been questioned many times over by many different beings sentiment or not.

so let us try to understand by looking first at a different perspective.

Can a dog really understand reality? will a dog ever know he is alive or question in his own mind the reality in which he lives?  in his or her reality all they have to do is eat, sleep, go to the toilet and all that other funny dog stuff they do during the day….

Now let us think about humans, we have such a broad outlook on reality as in our life many pre determined factors come into play. Such as the money we have the time we, spend how we spend our time and what we do with our lives.

 Every reality is different.

This becomes a issue for most human beings as we have become closed inside boxes and get very worried when we have to think outside the humble abode we call home.

(is this a closed reality system)

Reality is different for every human being you will ever encounter and it doesn’t matter on shape, size, hair, teeth clothes etc all that matters is the world where in which that person was placed at that specific time.

And for that matter what is time?!? Is time part of reality? Or is it something we have created to keep reality in check throughout the human experience? These are all very big questions!

Is there a difference in reality between people? Is it all down to our environment and the way we grow through this world?

Take this for example you have a exact duplicate of a human, they start both their lives equally, in the same environment with the same love and care the same nurture and everything else that comes with being human.

Will their reality be the same?  And if they are exactly the same through every detail will their reality be the same? It’s a lot to think about.

Or would it still vary even slightly as all human life stands on the edge of a knife never knowing when their about to fall off the tipping point? Can any two people ever live the same reality?

As we change and manifest as humans will these inevitable differences occur even if there was some higher force at work try to keep things exactly the same just to find out this question? The reality is, things will always happen differently in people’s lives whether they are exact copies or not? Is this un-escapable even if placed in a specific test scenario will the reality be different? (waffles…..)

Now lets look at three *Different* realities.

On one hand you have a child born in a slum in brazil and on the other you have lets say a child born into a working class family and finally for the last child born into a family of international bankers. We already know that all three will be different due to extreme environmental differences in nurture and nature but does this mean that their (real)ity is different in retrospect?

Does nurture twist our minds or a least let us twist and bend our own minds to make reality in ourselves the specific conditions from which we grow?

Or is it truly and only nature that is the prime force in this argument of reality?

Reality can only ever be what the specific in themselves would take from their own reality and the exact scenario given to them. Throughout life and the evolution of human thought vs our own realties, we are given choices and do they in themselves change the reality in which we live?As I’ve said before key significant factors have to play and be placed in order which change every single human on a whim regardless of who that person is. It happens to everyone.


Reality was different back 10, 100, 1000, 10000 years ago can you imagine taking someone from lets say -2000bc or even -15000bc and placing them into society today it would be mind-boggling!

So can you yourself imagine being able to time travel forward 2000 years into the future and seeing what reality is like then? Stripping you away of everything you ever knew, would that be real? could that be real? Or would it still just be fragments of the conscious thought you have or cling on to in your specific reality right now?

So back to time, maybe what we have created as being’s is reality?

Or possibly not?

everything we have ever seen, known or done is just conscious thought subtracted by feelings that we create to keep ourselves in check.

If you think about it, all that life is, is Frequencies of music and colour bouncing off one another trying to find the means to an end.

But when we wake up it takes so long for light to reach our eyes that we are actually living slightly behind time but we consider this to be real? because time is not real it is only part of the reality in which we live.

By any means how could we measure something so old that it has no date to start and has no start to finnish? We can not.

For me anyways i would think that reality is Hope, it is the place we can all live and coexist side by side in the ever-expanding consciousness of human though and love.

Maybe all that reality is, is the nothing apart from what we feel, see, smell, touch, love, hate, fear and so on but how do we know that these feelings are real? when all that has happened in reality is we have been conditioned and accustomed to? Is it because we can feel them? Do we link these powerful emotions to reality so we can try have a standpoint a foot to stand on in the never-ending well of everything that flies past so fast, just so we can hold on and hope after everything has metastasized and turned to dust like our bones in the ground that there will be a reality afterwards and we will still be able to feel all of these complex thoughts and emotions even long after there is nothing? But if there is nothing how can it be real? and even if it is how can it be apart of reality if no one knows it is?

 I digress.

Reality will only ever be what you make it, so remember when you look at your t.v. you’re looking at someone else’s, when you believe you are worthless, ugly, scared and everything else that comes with the reality you have in your human experience.You must remember



And no one else will ever have your reality ever again!Image


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